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Software Engineer
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Job description:

  • To participate in analysis and planning studies in software development projects,
  • To develop applications in accordance with architectural design and project plans,
  • Performing tests of developed applications, Implementing improvements in areas such as performance and security,
  • To take part in publication process, documentation, provide maintenance and support.

General Qualifications:

  • Preferably candidate should be from Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Programming etc.
  • Experienced on a ASP.NET/C# technologies and application development, MsSQL server database,
  • At least 3 years of experience has developing web application by MVC, JavaScript, Jquery, HTML, CSS, JSON technologies,
  • Will be able to keep up with team work,
  • Interested in learning new technologies and a researcher,
  • Target and solution-oriented, fast and practical thinking,
  • No military obligation for male candidates.
  • The working location will be Ataşehir Nidakule office.
Corporate Finance (M&A/Financial Analyst)
LOCATION: Ataşehir
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  • A degree in Finance, Economics, Industrial Engineering, Business Administration or related fields, 
  • Minimum 3 years of M&A experience,
  • Knowledge of M&A transactions and the trends in the market,
  • Knowledge in general M&A scope and documentation such as valuation,
  • Excellent written and verbal skills in English,
  • Strong knowledge of MS Office applications,
  • Excellent problem solving, project management, facilitation and interpersonal abilities,
  • Strong work initiative and the ability to adapt to new challenges and ideas,
  • Have no travel restrictions,
  • Experience with global deals is a plus, Will be responsible from: - Manage all budget process; plan, monitor and report budget and take corrective actions with a close relation to related departments, - Provide financial analysis to support the executive committee decisions, - Draft and negotiate M&A agreements,
General Application
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Human Resources Department of Teklas realizes that to achieve our vision of being the best fluid systems supplier within the Global Automotive Sector, Teklas needs employees who can make a difference. What Teklas means by emphasizing “making a difference”? It specifies the talents who can act in compliance with the corporate culture of Teklas and work with devotion. Teklas has talents who are flexible, dynamic, and coherent with our multicultural structure. To reach our vision, Teklas selects its new talents delicately. As Teklas, we do what it has to be done for the development of our talented family and by doing so; we support them on their flow to the future!

Gülsünay Uysal
Human Resources and Corporate Communications Manager

“In one word, my job is “INNOVATION”. One of the main tasks in my job description is industrialization of the products which we are developing for our customers. These products must meet all customer and quality requirements but in the same time, products must be feasible for our production. This makes my job dynamic with unlimited challenges. With new projects, we constantly gain new skills and knowledge, which improve us to be more successful on our carrier path. I love working in Teklas because it defines the flow of my future!”

Milan Stojkovic
Project Group Leader, Serbia

We have been told that “Sales is just a numbers game” over the years and it is still a popular belief today, but it is NOTHING more than a WRONG MINDSET. As Sales Team of Teklas, we believe in relationships with our customers. We approach to each customer with the idea of helping them to solve a problem or achieve a goal. In this manner, we do not close sales, but open relationships. Because Approach does matter. If you want to achieve success in this business, you will have to build long term relationships with customers. Loyal customers who come back to us for more business, are our biggest asset. To achieve this goal, our current key power is having a strong, robust and stable team with skills of product knowledge, time management, efficient communication, good attitude, active listening, being proactive, problem solving, being on-site, which makes our flow to the future smooth, profitable and successful.   

Necati Fakkusoğlu
Sales Manager, Germany

For more information please contact via email: hr@teklas.com.tr or Linkedin