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Teklas is leading the future of the automotive industry by moving the products and solutions to a further developed level in Teklas R&D centers, with the most competent and professional engineers and experts in their fields.

With the increase in R&D investments and constantly growing centers, Teklas implements design validation optimization and validation processes to meet the needs of its customers and serves the best quality and most convenient solutions to the customers in less than no time. Going beyond the international standards in the production of Fluid Circulation systems with its environmentally friendly and innovative approach, Teklas creates brand-new solutions that are competitive both in performance and price in the new production technologies with the help of 3D Blowmolding or WIT technologies.

Environment first...

Teklas contributes to reduction of carbon emissions by reducing the weight of vehicles...

Explore the excellence of
Teklas technology

Heating-Cooling Lines
leading the flow of the sector
  • Rubber Hoses
  • Metal Tubes & Assemblies
  • WIT Tubes & Assemblies
  • Thermoforming Tubes & Assemblies

Being one of the largest manufacturers of connectors in Europe, Teklas places great importance on constantly developing innovative hose structures to follow newly emerging automotive technologies and adapt to changing regulations. Teklas has been going ahead of the ever-evolving technology in the production constructions for OEMs, as well as rubber and metal solutions, and water injection technology (WIT) to reduce the weight of vehicles and boost the recycling rate. Moreover, Teklas is one of the largest quick connector manufacturers in Europe. Due to its capacity, Teklas is able to be very flexible on design and project timing.

Cooling-Heating Lines
produced from lower permeability materials
AC Lines
  • Suction Lines
  • Hot Gas Lines
  • Liquid Lines

More than 45 years of experience in rubber compound and high pressure hose production ensures its development of air conditioning hoses with considerably low permeability values (<0,3 g/m*day). Teklas develops rubber hoses and metal tubes resistant to fluids and refrigerants for customers at given temperature.

AC Lines
Brake Hose Assemblies
with lifetime guarentee
  • High Pressure Brake Hoses & Assemblies
  • Brake Booster Lines

Teklas is the only supplier of brake hose systems of Turkish origin approved by OEMs. More than 30 years of experience in high pressure brake hose sector makes it possible for Teklas to yield sustainable and high-quality products. The hose constructions of Teklas are accredited by a variety of standards including FMVSS 106 and CCC, and by several countries including India and South Korea. By this means, Teklas can deliver its brake hoses all over the world. The customer-oriented approach along with its flexibility renders its capacity of developing more affordable fatigue-resistant hose constructions at higher temperatures with low volumetric expansion possible.

with lifetime guarentee
Electric & Hybrid Engine Lines
perfect combination of innovation and environmentalism
  • Battery Cooling Lines
  • Transmission Cooling Lines
  • Fuel Cell Cooling Lines
  • Engine Coolant / Heater Lines

Teklas offers solutions to the growing demand for fluid systems of the electric vehicles  increasing in number every day. Teklas develops cooling systems for a variety of temperatures to support the thermal management of electric and hybrid engines. In addition, it serves in a range from battery cooling to the cooling systems of transmission oil, the key design parameters of which are low weight and complex thermal management.

Electric & Hybrid Engine Lines
Air Lines systems
industry’s most reliable
  • Dirty Air Duct
  • Clean Air Duct
  • Charge Air Duct / Hot Side
  • Charge Air Duct / Cold Side

Teklas blowmolding solutions cover all turbo air systems between 80°C and 230°C. Owing to its current metal, rubber and thermoplastic material development capacity, Teklas can provide its customers an optimum acoustic and dynamic performance of durability. Teklas develops and manufactures all the rubber formulas within the R&D Center of the company. With its multi-layered hose designs, it can guarantee resistance to high pressures. In addition, its in-house welding technologies enable obtaining quite successful results with very low permeability in thermoplastic parts. Teklas is one of the most credible suppliers of turbo air systems.

Air Lines systems
for warehouse automation
Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) enable warehouse operations to be efficient and productive while reducing operating costs. Automated storage solutions can be the most effective method for buffering, sequencing and storing inventory in our operations.  

Intralogistics Solutions

Rack and Storage Solutions                

  • Unit Load AS/RS (Single&Double Deep)               
  • Mini Load                
  • AS/RS Vertical Carousel

Products for Shipping Solutions                

  • AGV & RGV                
  • Conveyors               
  • Kiosk  

Software Solutions  

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) WMS CORE solution, all item movements are stored and analyzed by the system periodically. The system autonomously optimizes storage location to account for frequency of use. This cuts down picking time and reduces the amount of work required within the warehouse.     

Warehouse Systems
challenging the boundries of technology
Other Lines
  • Low Pressure Fuel Lines
  • Vacuum Lines
  • Drainage Lines
  • Oil Cooler Liner